2019/2020 Data Fellowship Program

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia Full-time



This program gives talented Australian Public Service staff an opportunity to develop advanced data skills.

A data fellowship is a 3-month full-time placement. We select high-performing data specialists in the Australian Public Service for up to 10 fellowships.

Data fellows develop solutions for data-related problems or opportunities. They work with the CSIRO’s data-innovation group Data61 or another partner organisation during their placements. 

Projects may include activities such as data analysis, forecasting or developing application programming interfaces (APIs).


When completing this application form, applicants should consider the following selection criteria:

  • Scope and quality of your data-related problem or opportunity
  • Feasibility of finding a solution to your problem or opportunity within the 3-month placement
  • Skills and experience needed to solve the problem within the 3-month placement
  • How easy it would be to apply the solution on a larger scale
  • How the placement could improve your data capabilities and personal development
  • How you could share the skills and capabilities that you will learn with your home agency
  • Benefit to other Australian government agencies
  • Benefit to state, territory or local governments

To find your agency’s Data Champion, please visit the List of Data Champions on data.gov.au.

If your agency does not currently have a Data Champion, please seek endorsement from a SES level officer. Please also remember to discuss and obtain support from your supervisor before submitting your application.

Please submit this form by the closing date for this round of applications. Due to the competitive nature of this program, late applications will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

The Selection Committee comprises of representatives from DTA,  Data61 and the Chair of the Data Champions Network.  The Committee shortlists applications for each round. The candidates will then be invited to take part in a short interview by webcam or phone.

For any queries about this application or the Data Fellowship Program, please contact DataFellowship@dta.gov.au.


Please Note:  Your application is not able to be saved when completing the application form.  We suggest drafting your responses in Microsoft Word and copying and pasting into the application form.